Barshitakli is a town in Akola famous for its two Hemadpanthi temples. Kholeshwar, dedicated to Goddess Bhavani is the first one.  Constructed during 12th century, the temple’s ramparts seem more like a Rajasthani Fort and has a beautiful river flowing by. The shrine is star shaped with all the principal figures around the temple being female except for Ganpati. The second temple, also constructed in the 12th century is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It has seven beautiful idols carved out of a single rock. Sanskrit inscriptions on the back wall describe how the temple was built. A deep tank and a well adjoin the temple adding to its beauty. The Kazi Mahal in Barshitakli is another serene place and a must see for those who wish to have a glimpse of ancient Mughal architecture in all its glory.

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