Ramtek is a historically significant place as according to the Ramayana, it was here that Lord Rama, Sita and Laxman rested for a while during their period of exile. The city has a 400 year Ram Temple whose aura during Ram Navmi celebrations is truly remarkable. Navratri festivities is a must see as is the Diwali splendour as the temple is decorated with thousands of lamps on all five days of Deepawali. Numerous devotes visiting the temple on Tripuri Pournima for special celebrations are also enchanted by the pink and while lotuses blooming on the surface on Ambala Lake on the foot of Ramgiri. Situated on Ramgiri Hill, Ramtek has numerous temples built by Vakatakas like the Rudra Temple, Dhoomreshwar and the Trivikram, Bhogram and Kapatram temples. Architectural remains of Vakataka period are also seen here. The hill also has a Kalidas Smarak bearing the inscriptions of his famous ‘Meghdootam’. Meanwhile, Ambala Tank at the foothill is lined with numerous temple including a Jain Temple. Just 5 kms away from Ramtek is Khindsi Lake. Apart from scenic beauty, the main attraction here is water sports. Tourists can enjoy boat-rides, rain dance, relax or play games in pool resorts and enjoy some traditional cuisine. Deolapar is a place near Ramtek is famous for its Cow Research Institute.

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