A 1500 year old Banyan tree spread over one acre standing on the Patur- Alegaon Road, about 35 kilometers from Akola is a sight to behold. Patur, on the whole is a historically and archeologically important town. This town is famous for Jain Caves and the rock hewn Buddhist monastery on the hill side. The caves are chambers carved out of rock on the model of the less developed Hemadpanthi Temples. It is said that these caves and monasteries were established during the reign of Ila, the Jain Kinh who ruled the area around 1058. Renuka Mata Temple is a hill shrine situated on Renuka Gad, Shah Abdul Aziz Dargah built by Emperor Tughlaq in 1348 AD and the Nanasaheb Wada are other popular tourist spots.

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