Being the only hill station in Vidarbha region; the lush green, mystic and serene valley of Chikaldhara hold a distinct appeal for everyone. Chikaldhara derives its name from an event in Mahabharata where Bhima kills Keechak and throws him into Kichak Dara or Chikaldhara, as it is known today. Families can go on an excursion and savour the beauty of Chikhaldara from vintage points like Devi, Monkey, Panchbol, Hurricane, Sunset and Prospect. Tourists can enjoy a boat ride at Shakkar Lake; visit Amzari Forest nursery or get drenched in the Bhim Kund Waterfall. History lovers can visit the Tribal Museum. A trekking trip for the Gavilgad Fort or Narnala Fort can also be planned. Rich in flora and fauna, Chikaldhara is very close to the Melghat Tiger Project and hence animals like flying squirrel, mouse deer, porcupine, Rhesus monkey, wild boar apart from tiger can be spotted here. Visit to Muktagiri Jain Temple and Melghat Tiger Reserve along with Chikaldhara will be a day well spent collecting scenic memories and a delightful heart. Some of the other tourist spots worth visiting include Amner Fort, Bir Lake, Kalapani Lake and the magnificent waterfalls at Bakadari and Dharkhura. Except for summers; Chikaldhara is a perfect weekend getaway destination located about 130 kilometers from Akola and easily accessible by road.

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