Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Located about 380 kilometers from Akola, Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is a piece of nature’s paradise in Vidarbha. Amid diverse vegetation and vibrant with the sound of 166 species of birds; Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is an oasis that helps in the region’s environmental balance. It is inhabited by over 30 species of mammals like tiger, leapord, jungle cat, small Indian civet, common giant flying squirrel, gaur, four horned antelope, mouse deer, wild-dogs, sloth bears and pangolin; numerous reptiles, fresh water fishes and frogs. Among the prime attraction is the simple accommodation provided by forest department besides Nagzira Lake. Tourists and enthusiasts can enjoy watching birds like eagle, orioles, drongos and even animals that flock to the lake to quench their thirst. Bamboo and teak trees are predominantly seen in Nagzira as are Mahua, Bombax and Jamun. Nearly 200 species of medicinal important plants are seen in this sanctuary. This sanctuary has a snake temple, watch cabins and towers and a museum to screen informative films about wildlife and nature conservation. The museum also has varieties of stuffed birds, animal and butterfly models apart from photographs on wildlife, pugmarks, hoot-prints, plaster casts etc to educate the tourists. The sanctuary uses solar power for most of its power requirements. The best time to visit this sanctuary is during April and May. Nearby tourist spots include Navegaon National Park, Chulbandh Dam, Tibetan Camp ,Itiadoh Dam and Hazara Falls.

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