Shri Balaji Temple, Washim

One of the popular tourist spot in Washim district is Sri Balaji Temple. Located about 100 kilometres from Akola, the temple was built in 1779 by Bhavani Kalu. The main idol made of black stone and adorned with sparkling ornaments sits inside a gold dome. It is believed that the idol was buried during Aurangzeb`s reign to save it from destruction. It was accidently rediscovered by a horsemen in 1760. Idols of Bramha, Vishnu, Mahadeva, Parvati, Ganpati and Naga were taken out at that time. Construction took 12 years as per the inscription on a pillar in front of the Dev Talao (a large square tank with stone walls with a jalakridasthan). Best time to visit this temple is during the Hindu month of Ashwin when a huge fair is organised there, attracting over 12,000 devotees every year.

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