Mahur is a popular pilgrimage destination in Nanded district; most famous for the Renuka Devi Temple. This the half Shakti Peeth among the three and a half Shakti Peeths in Maharashtra as only the face of the Goddess is visible in this temple. The abode of Renuka Devi, mother of Lord Parshuram is located on a hillock surrounded by natural beauty. The nine day Navratri Festival is celebrated with much grandeur and fanfare here; attracting thousands of pilgrims especially on the final day of Dusshera. The Renuka Devi Temple offers tourists numerous tours covering this Shakti Peeth along with the others located in Kolhapur, Tuljapur, and Saptashrungi. There are two other mountain ranges in Mahur. The Dutt Shikhar has a temple dedicated to Lord Dattatreya while the Anusaya Mata Temple is built on Anasuya Shikar. Mahur is rich in flora and fauna. Teakwood trees are common here and it is home to peacock, deer, bear and panther. Although lying in a state of ruins, the ancient Mahurgad Fort still continues to be a place of interest in this village. Among other popular pilgrim spots are temples dedicated to Devdeveshwar, Parshuram and Mahakali. Tourists can also visit the local ‘teerthsthans’ such as Balsamudra, Sarvateerth, Matruteerth, Bhaanuteerth and others. Mahur is also famous for Sonpir Dargah. An Urs held on the fifth of every month is the prime attraction. Located about 186 kilometres from Akola, the place is very easily accessible by state transport buses.

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