Narnala Fort

Narnala or the Shahnoor Fort lies amidst the picturesque Satpura Mountain Range in Akola. Legend has it that while tigers used to roam inside this fort with saint Hazrat Burhanuddin “Bagh Sawar Wali”. Constructed in 10 AD, the fort was built with white sandstone. Its wall still display highly ornate designs, including the symbol of Narnal dynasty, the “Ashtakamal” and a few verses from the Holy Quran. A nine yard gun lies at Narnala; it is believed that the gun was placed here during the reign of Aurangzeb in 1670 and it bears an inscription in Persian. Ruins of Mahakali Temple, Peshwa Mahal, Jama Masjid and elephant stables can be seen inside the fort along with Rani Mahal. Numerous tanks inside the fort ensure adequate water supply throughout the year; thus attracting animals from nearby forests to visit the fort during night time to quench their thirst. Accordingly, a wildlife sanctuary has been recently established there.

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